Another week of football in the books and I can already feel the end of the season coming up, but we won’t talk about that as there is still plenty more football to enjoy.  This past week I went 6-9 overall and down 4.15 units.  A few tough losses:  Fla really blew it, multiple times in the game.  Ole Miss was a good feel for me and probably would have been a multi-unit selection, but they were coming off their biggest win in recent history and my gut feel was right despite that negative factor.  We had one of our very rare disagreements as BEE had the Ducks and I had the Bruins, the Ducks got all over the Bruins and handed me and L in the process.  NW was a very tough loss as they promptly give up a kick-off return TD as they had got back to money grabbing status.  

The stomach for this business is an asset in its own right.  These weeks happen.  One reason the write-ups are so important, especially in college, is so you can make informed decisions in addition to respecting my capping skills.  Giving you insight into my though process is a valuable piece to the puzzle and hopefully you value that aspect as much as I do.  I really enjoy writing up games as I would be talking about them to you if we were hanging out.  Let’s get it this week and ride the momentum of some of the “get back” we got last night w/ that pick 6 by the 49ers!

In addition to blurbs here on the home page, current records are updated every Tuesday and posted in a table on our handicapper pages.  


caplogoAdvantage Plays


  A Plays are +17.95 units YTD

The Advantage Plays go 1-2 this past week

Advantage Plays are a very profitable situation that only occurs here at Cappers Advantage.  When CHARLOTTEsports and Big_East  get on the same side it truly is an Advantage.  A $100 player is up nearly $1800 playing our A Plays. 

FSU was a tough play, Cuse had so much going against them as they had just fired their O coord and lost their starting QB.  FSU failed to impress again and their defense continued doing so as FSU had the cover in hand twice but their “vaunted” defense gave up multiple long strikes.  The Dolphins were one of those plays that just make you sick.  We had +2.5 and +2 and things were promising until Rogers pulls a Marino in the house that Marino built and fakes the spike to get the pack down the goal line.  Rogers then hits Q on the back shoulder with 4 seconds remaining.  You may have had Miami at +3 and some even +3.5 so if you were one of them, congrats on the W.   

Advantage Plays are a perfect 6-0 ATS in the last 6 championship games!

11-6 (65%) +17.95 Units





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What a week of football. Some bad beats, last minute interceptions that turned the Vegas sports books sideways (read here: Denver) and even a cover on the over through the back door on Monday Night Football! But overall it was my first losing weekend of the 2014 season which started the last week in August. College football started on Friday with a tough beat as Stanford left 17 points off the scoreboard and missed the over by 1 point. Saturday went 2-3 with a few good start to finish covers with UNC +17 and Oregon -1 but FSU -23 didn’t get there as Cuse pulled a late score then Auburn got blown out and Baylor made a great comeback but never threatened the point spread of -7. The NFL was a swing and a miss on Sunday and we pulled out an Advantage Play win on MNF with a late interception return. Overall 3-7 and perhaps the worst weekend in over 2 years. There are highs and lows in the handicapping business and this was a down week. Now it’s time to come back strong.

Last year in the college football regular season, I had a documented 45-30 record (60% ATS).  I also capped off the NFL season with a record of 8-2-1 in the playoffs netting +8.9 units.  My current long term ATS run is 56% in football, basketball and soccer.  Maintaining a 56% win rate over an extended period of time takes hard work, consistency and skill and that is what I aim to deliver every year.  I ended this season with a 4-0 ATS record in the World Cup. College football, NCAA hoops, soccer and the NFL Playoffs all finished in the plus column in 2013-14 while the college bowls and the NBA were subpar and fell short of the goal.  Hop on board and join me and the CA Team for a season full of picks for $99. Our season runs from August 2014 to June 30, 2015.  This is one of the best values in sports handicapping so join us for the excitement and all the winners! Go to our purchase page to create an account, sign up and get started!


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