Well, the time has come to sign off from Cappers Advantage for both BigEast and I.  Life suggests that focus and energy be placed in other areas for both of us and thus the incredible amount of time and energy needed to cap and manage the site just won’t be there.  From building the site, to juggling the interesting responses we would get throughout the season, it was all good.  It’s not for thin skinned individuals I can tell you that much.  Most think paying any amount, 1 dollar for example equals a goose that shits golden eggs 24/7.  We know its a marathon and not a sprint and we certaily had ups and downs.  2 winning seasons overall and 2 losing seasons overall.  Couldn’t quite capture the 30-7 bowl magic or the 33-15 bowl magic, but did go 25-11 in 2014.  It’s definitely a different dynamic, publishing picks for pay, versus posting on a free forum there is no denying that.  That part affects in both ways, sometimes leery to go big when you should and vice versa.  I know I speak for BigEast when I say that I’m very thankful for this opportunity and for the support and kind words over the years and especially during the Cappers Advantage run.  It’s certianly more negative than positive, but again, wouldn’t trade the experience for anything.  We will both be posting on twitter for the rest of our lives probably, but signing off from Cappers Advantage.  

Thank you all!



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2016/17 BOWL SEASON:  19-20  +2.2


BOWL SEASON:  19-20  +2.2

CFB 2016:  101-112 -19.06

NFL 2016:  63-66 -12.95

NFL PLAYOFFS: 5-5  -1.7

NCAAB:  0-2 -2.3





5 yr Bowl Game Totals 

2011:  30-7 ATS 81%
2012:  33-15 ATS 69%
2013:  16-21 ATS 43%
2014:  25-11 ATS 69%
2015:  16-20 ATS 44%

124-74 ATS 63% over last 5 years 


caplogoAdvantage Plays 


The Season has ended. Thank you subscribers. We had another highly successful year!

2016-2017 Season Prep is Underway!


7-2 ATS 78%  last 9 Championship games!

Advantage Play Mega Plays are 2-0 +13 units YTD

NFL Advantage Plays 9-3 ATS (75%) YTD! 

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Retired from site in July 2016. Website closed July 2017. Thank you to our loyal customers over the years.