A great NFL playoff weekend for CHARLOTTEsports as I swept the board w/ a 3-0 Sunday.  Hat tip to the other half of the CA team Big_East as he also went perfect on his 2 biggest plays of the season hitting not 1 but 2 THREE UNIT plays!  Football regular season certainly had its ups and downs but the finish is down right HOT!  Over bowl games and NFL playoffs games I am 31-16 ATS so let’s keep it rolling through the SB.


2014 Bowl Record
 25-11 69%

2011 Bowl Record:  30-7 ATS 81%
2012 Bowl Record:  33-15 ATS 69%
2013 Bowl Record:  16-21 ATS 43%


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caplogoAdvantage Plays 

The 6-0 ats perfect record in champ games was on the line in the CFB Champ game, but unfortunately Oregon didn’t know that.  The Ducks managed a mere 20 points and the over was just over 10 pts short.  The Pats did not come through either as a 4 point A play.  A tough two losses.  Will be looking to bounce back come SB time.


Advantage Plays 6-1 ATS 86% in the last 7 championship games!

32-32 (50%) -0.6 Units




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Conference Championship Sunday was an epic day for the Cappers Advantage team. I felt very confident about my picks on Sunday and released my 2 biggest NFL plays of the year.  Both games played out as I handicapped them. Green Bay jumped out to a 16-0 lead and dominated for 56 minutes, then had a terrible collapse over the last 4 minutes of the game.  The Pack really should have won straight up and landed in the Super Bowl. As it turned out, the game went to overtime and the +7.5 line was never in danger at any point in the game. The Packers got to the window picking up 3 units. Then came the Patriots game vs. the Colts and once again it was a wire to wire cover.  New England -6 romped in another never in doubt outcome with a final score of 45-7 grabbing another 3 units in the process. This marked the 3rd straight year that I swept the NFL Conference Championship games. When the big games are on the line, I come out to play. Adding to this winning day, CHARLOTTEsports went 3-0 and swept his card. The final record on Sunday for the #CA Team was 5-0 picking up just over 9 units.

January 18 NFL Recap:

Green Bay +7.5 W +3 units

New England -6 W +3 units

2-0 +6 units on the day

The Super Bowl is 2 weeks away and I will start releasing my college hoops picks very soon.

NFL Playoffs Records:

2015     6-3 sides, 0-2 totals, 1-2 teasers

2014    8-2-1 (80% ATS) +8.9 units

2013    11-4 (73.3%) +9.6 units


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