CBB is heating up and hard to believe that there is only a few more weeks left in the regular season before tourney time starts to kick in.  In the middle of a nice run to move to 33-30 +3.4 units on the season with a ton of bball to go.  Let’s keep this train rollin’….


2014 Bowl Record
 25-11 69%

2011 Bowl Record:  30-7 ATS 81%
2012 Bowl Record:  33-15 ATS 69%
2013 Bowl Record:  16-21 ATS 43%


In addition to blurbs here on the home page, current records are updated every Tuesday and posted in a table on our handicapper pages.  

caplogoAdvantage Plays 


 4-2 ATS 66.6% +4.35 units in College Basketball


Advantage Plays 6-2 ATS 75% in the last 8 championship games!

Current Record 

36-35 -0.65 units 2014 YTD



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 College Hoops is heading into the most exciting time of the year. The Conference Tourneys are almost here and that’s followed by March Madness.

Stay tuned to our blogs and Twitter accounts for some exciting member contests that are on the way!

We’ll take you all the way through the NCAAB Championship Game and then finish the 2014 Season Pass in mid-June with the NBA Finals. 

Last year’s college basketball record was 40-29 (58% ATS) and plus 7.2 units.

Let the March Madness begin! 


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